Spring Capsule Wardrobe: Outfits 11-20

My next set of outfits, plus a bonus for opera night (thanks for the early bday present, S!)

Which is your favourite?

IMG_20150209_081852 (Medium) IMG_20150210_080425 (Medium) IMG_20150212_081319 (Medium) IMG_20150213_103547 (Medium) IMG_20150214_115241 (Medium) IMG_20150214_171729 (Medium) IMG_20150216_160201 (Medium) IMG_20150217_095659 (Medium) IMG_20150218_094911 (Medium) IMG_20150207_163029 (Medium) IMG_20150208_132253 (Medium)Believe it or not, I still have items out of the 30 that I have yet to wear! Definitely lets me know where my preferences lie in my closet. Stay tuned for my final 10 outfits, followed by what I learned throughout this challenge.

Spring Capsule Wardrobe: The Pieces

It’s time for another capsule wardrobe fashion challenge. Thirty items for thirty days. Also known as “shop your closet”. Care to join in?

Here’s a breakdown of my chosen items:

20150206_212708 (Medium)Six tees/tanks 20150206_212839 (Medium)Five pants
20150206_213001 (Medium)Three tops
20150206_213056 (Medium)Two blouses 20150206_213334 (Medium)Four jackets/blazers 20150206_213458 (Medium)Two skirts 20150206_213706 (Medium)Three dresses 20150206_212235 (Medium)Three sweaters

unnamedTwo cardigans

How did I choose my items? First I pick a colour palette I want to work with. My favourite site for this is Colourlovers. Here’s mine:

COLOURlovers.com-Bold_Spring.fwBeyond that, it comes down to personal preference and style. I wear a lot of casual pants and I can’t go 30 days without my leggings, so I’m sure to include those. I also throw in items that I don’t seem to be wearing often. If I still don’t wear them when I only have 30 items to choose from, chances are I never will! Time to part with them so I can make room for something new, or just minimize (the latter is my preference lately).

How do you choose items for your capsule wardrobe? What’s your must-have?

You know nothing. I know nothing.

I feel like I need to preface this post with a note:  I’m speaking about scenarios involving flash judgments. Instances where you see a snapshot of someone’s life, you assume you know what’s going on and you pass judgment without any attempt to understand or relate. I am not in any way saying that people who are important in your life can’t bring up legitimate concerns with an open mind in an understanding, empathetic and supportive way. With that said, let’s proceed…


It’s no secret that we are our own harshest critics. And when we have painstakingly figured something out (through utter failure, through research, through trial and error) and it seems like someone is questioning us, we get defensive, “Back off! I already put myself through the ringer and came out the other side. You know nothing!” And it’s good for us to stand up for ourselves that way. I know I speak often from a mom’s perspective, but the same goes for everyone. In this specific case, though, I relate it to women, and here’s why:

Society feels a right to voice an opinion on every single little thing a women does (or does not do), even if they know nothing of the circumstances.

This can be as trivial as a woman wearing no makeup (maybe it irritates her skin), or wearing too much makeup (maybe she struggles with a skin condition), but the list goes on.


She’s wearing too much clothing (it’s like she’s hiding), too little clothing (doesn’t she have any self respect?).  She’s letting her kid cry out a tantrum (can’t she keep her kid under control?), making a tantrum stop in its tracks by giving in (that’s going to be one spoiled kid, don’t you know never to give in to a tantrum?) .  She’s using online dating (how desperate!), she’s choosing not to date (is she a lesbian? A man hater?).  She’s too fit (too many muscles aren’t sexy on a woman), she’s too big (she obviously doesn’t care about her health).  She’s wearing her baby (can the baby even breathe in there?), she’s pushing her infant in a stroller (you’re going to give the baby separation anxiety). She’s too bossy (chill out, what a bitch!), she’s too passive (no wonder she gets taken advantage of, it’s like she’s asking for it).  She had an abortion (how irresponsible of her- nevermind it takes two to make a baby), she’s raising a kid on her own and she’s low income (how can you bring a kid into this world if you can’t provide for them).


These judgments are passed, sometimes silently, sometimes obnoxiously subtly, and sometimes outwardly, even if “the judge” has never experienced something like it themselves. Even if they’re only seeing a snapshot of her life, and not the whole album. I hope you stand strong in the face of this criticism.

We need fiery passionate women who know their own worth, and the worth of their heavily weighed choices. We need them to stand up and say “You have no right to criticize if you have not been through what I’ve been through, read what I’ve read, and agonized over what I’ve agonized over.” My body, my personal life, is not a democracy. I decide how I look. I decide what I choose to do with my life. I decide my own set of values and opinions. Just like you do.

I know I’m not perfect, none of us is. I still find thoughts like this creeping into my mind on occasion. I try to remember that all I know of this person is a drop in the ocean- a single star in the entire universe- not a fair representation of their life experiences that led them to where they are today. In these moments, now, I take the time to recognize the judgmental thought that just passed, and then I say to myself, “I know nothing”.


Next time you find yourself passing judgment, try it out. “I know nothing”.


And if someone else has the audacity to pass judgment on your snapshot, “You know nothing”.


Take care of yourself and each other,


Unplugging in a plugged in world

I enjoy writing. I miss writing. It’s an incredible outlet for me, and I’ve shied away from it. I found myself caught up in a mess of networking and link-ups and constant clicking. For what? To get a few more views? To see my numbers steadily climb until I become internet famous? Hardly. That was never my intention.


It took time and some serious reflection to realize what I missed most. Comments (virtual, or in person) from people (most of whom happen to be my friends and family) letting me know that I helped them, or that I made them laugh. I don’t need views or ad revenue or the added stress of deadlines. I seek only to connect. The internet is dangerous in this regard. We try so hard to connect with so much, that we miss out on the now and what’s happening right here.


I will work hard now to find my way. To seek balance in a world of screens and buttons and gadgets. I want to build bridges rather than walls. I want to speak openly with you, with myself, and with the people I choose to surround myself with. I can only do that if I plug in once in a while, but not all the time. I am glad the internet is here. If my words inspire, comfort or entertain someone who I may otherwise never have met, then I rest easy. The whole internet does not need to see this. Maybe just you and I do.


Here’s to us: connecting across time and space.


Talk to you soon,



Terrible Twos

Terrible Twos  |  fashiondaylee.com
By user Just2shutter


You hear it all the time. “Oooh, terrible twos, huh? Brace yourself”. Even comments as unhelpful as “Good luck!” exclaimed sarcastically are not uncommon. Your child is now entering the mystifying, enraging, awe inspiring age that is two.


Take a moment and think about that. Two. This tiny human has had only two years experience at existing. 


Picture yourself taking on a new job, one you’ve never held before. In fact, you’re not even sure what the job description is or what is expected of you. You’re in a foreign country. Your environment abruptly becomes louder, brighter, no longer your own. It’s crowded with people who are strangers to you and most of them clearly have no idea how to interact with you. You don’t speak the language so you’re unable to communicate how you’re feeling physically or emotionally. The food is alien, the air is… different, heavier. Every movement you make taxes you. Bodily functions you took for granted, such as breathing or eating, are laborious as though your native land somehow eased the load on your system. You’re up to the challenge though because everyone around you seems supportive, encouraging, and helpful.

Fast forward two years, and you feel as though you’re finally starting to hit your stride. You can make yourself understood some of the time. A mix of gestures and pieces of the language you’ve picked up along the way. You start to take on more responsibility, hoping to find where you fit in. You want to help, you want to contribute, you want to feel worthy. You have an insatiable desire to learn more so you can do more. So you can be more.

As it tends to go when you try something new you make some mistakes. Well, gone are the supportive, encouraging and helpful people you have come to know.  Now, when you do something wrong (despite your best efforts) you encounter one or more of the following: yelling, eye rolling, exasperated sighs, belittling comments, anger, frustration, and worse yet, a confirmation that your efforts are in vain and that trying to get better is not a worthwhile endeavor.


How long would you last in this position? How long before you pack up your suitcase and catch a flight home? Only, home doesn’t exist for you anymore. Rather, it does, and this is it.


I can count on one hand the number of times my two and-a-half year old has had a serious meltdown. He can be mischievous, yes, and he does like to pour things that are too heavy for him, but he’s a stand up toddler. Why am I gloating about him? Oh yeah, because I’ve come to see “The Terrible Twos” in a new light.  I think that him being two makes me terrible. Not always, not even often. But sometimes. He’s learning and I’m- what? Concerned about a few (hundred) grains of rice on the floor. Angry at him for breaking his own toy (how silly! It’s not MY toy).


I desperately needed a reminder that mistakes are important and that natural consequences allow me to support my child in learning rather than nag him into submission. I read this post today (truly worth a read)  and I plan to peruse the site over the next few weeks in hopes of more inspiration. I must admit that I cried over a child afraid of a parent’s reaction to a mistake. I remember tears springing to my eyes the moment my glass tipped beyond the point of no return. Shame, fear, a feeling of hopelessness that I promised myself my children would never feel.


It got my mind wandering and this scenario began to take form. I was doing my best to empathize with a two year old. I’m sure that it’s still a far cry from the learning curve a toddler faces, but I think picturing it will help me in future dealings with crunchy things underfoot and soggy cat food in the water dish. Both things that he can fix himself with a little help, so he knows better next time (or maybe next, next time).


Or maybe next, next, next time. Sigh




No Socks. No Problem.

Daylee #13 | fashiondaylee.com

I am so excited for this spring weather we’ve been having! It’s getting more and more consistent, and I’m doing more and more outside. For me, that means I need to stay comfortable, layered and practical. It’s denim jacket season. Shorts season. Sockless season. Gardening season (yes, even that!). Luckily, I find myself very much looking forward to yard work this year.

I can tell you that spending time outdoors is a whole different ball game this year over last. The difference between a one year old coworker and a two year old coworker is immense. I now have a fully functional, independent, helpful little man who understands me when I say “That’s not safe” or “Stay in the yard please”. Although he sometimes chooses to ignore me, he gets the gist of it, and doesn’t go running balls to the wall toward the street with me barreling behind hoping I’ll make it to him before he makes it to [insert something dangerous here].

Bubbles, chalk, nature walks and picnics. What more can anyone ask for?No Socks. No Problem | fashiondaylee.comOutfit:

  • Shoes: Puma
  • Leggings: Hues
  • Shirt: F21
  • Jacket: Esprit
  • Scarf: Gifted



A Whole Lotta Leg

Daylee # 12 | fashiondaylee.com

It was a fun and eventful week last week. Hubby and I made it out for our first date night in a few weeks (maybe longer). It was a nice enough day to get away with shorts and runners, what more can you ask for in March? We visited a local restaurant that was new to us called La Taquisa. What a wonderful experience, and a great place for those who are (for whatever reason) gluten free. Their menu has so little gluten, they actually mark the items that DO contain it rather than the other way around. Everything tasted fresh and and left me wanting more. Thankfully the tacos are small enough that you can order several flavours to try out. My favourite to date is the rajas (a veggie filling with corn- yum!) followed closely by the chicken tinga. Whatever your palette is craving, I’m sure there’s a taco for you and it’s definitely worth a try*. Following tacos we went out for dessert and wine- also yum- at Pagliacci’s. By the time we left for home, I may have been rethinking the whole “This is for sure shorts weather” sentiment I had earlier that day. Still glad I got to rock them since they’re a new buy.

Date night look | fashiondaylee.comOutfit 1:

  • Shoes: Puma
  • Shorts: Guess
  • T-shirt: Gap
  • Scarf: F21
  • Jacket: Esprit

Next up was a lovely evening out over the weekend, which was planned for me as a birthday gift/surprise. What a treat! Despite a late start due to my lo performing a swan dive into the back of a couch (he’s ok), we managed to have a bite to eat before heading to the ballet. Romeo and Juliette, to be more specific. How have I gone so long without seeing a dance performance? There is something that just moves me when it comes to dance. It’s an amazing experience to feel what someone is trying to convey through movement alone. I was on the edge of my balcony seat, knees tucked under my dress, head in my hands with elbows perched on the railing. In silhouette, I must have resembled a young girl on her first “grown up” excursion. It was pure bliss (thank you, S!).

Ballet neutrals | fashiondaylee.comOutfit 2:

  • Shoes: Expression
  • Dress, scarf: Esprit
  • Sweater: Aeropostale
  • Bracelets: F21

And now for my weekend warrior attire. I didn’t notice until packing him into the car that my lo decided to dress himself like mommy. This normally wouldn’t be all that noticeable, and people don’t mention it, but as you’ll see, the outfit is a bit striking and if you saw a duo rocking it you would be hard pressed to stop yourself from commenting. Yes, that’s orange and blue plaid. Yes he happens to have a shirt in the same colours, also plaid. Yes, he wore a navy sweater to match. Pants are where we parted ways as he opted for cognac. Dare I say he looked a little more put together than I did? I do dare. He’s a sharp dressed little man.


  • Shoes: Puma (again- as soon as socks become optional, these shoes become staple)
  • Pants: Aeropostale
  • Shirt: F21
  • Cardigan: Old navy
  • Jewelry: Some shop in a national park in AB

* I suppose I should mention that I am simply sharing my opinions. No one approached me or provided free tacos or cake so I would tell you how tasty they were. I would gladly accept those offers now, though 

What are you most excited for when it comes to spring and fashion? Do you have a favourite pair of sock-less shoes, like me?

Spring is here, or is it?

Daylee #11 fashiondaylee.comIt’s been a while and I’m glad to be back to some semblance of regularity with my posts. Feels good settling back into the comfort of the usual. Here’s my last week in review.

I was shocked at the apparent lack of colour in my 30for30 challenge (check out all 30 pictures here). As a result I’ve been making a concerted effort to include more pop, and numerous colours in my outfits. I wore this out with my little guy to do some exchanges and mall walking on a rainy day.

Spring colours fashiondaylee.com

Outfit 1:

  • Shoes: Keds
  • Pants: Esprit
  • Shirt: F21
  • Cardigan: RW&CO
  • Scarf: Gifted
  • Jewelry: Unknown

This outfit was inspired by a splash of spring weather, and it was basically my weekend uniform. I often do that- choose one outfit and wear it over the weekend (barring some mishap).

Cozy nautical outfit fashiondaylee.com

Outfit 2:

  • Shoes: Toms
  • Pants: Aeropostale
  • Sweater: F21
  • Necklace: Esprit

Back to a chill in the air, and having a bad hair day. The kind of day that seems to call for a cozy sweater, beanie and scarf. I’m doing my best to will spring to happen, and the forecast tells me that this week is hopeful. What are you looking forward to most about spring weather?

Bad hair day calls for beanie + scarf fashiondaylee.comOutfit 3:

  • Boots: Steve Madden
  • Pants: Esprit
  • Sweater, scarf: RW&CO
  • Beanie: Aldo
  • Bracelets: Gifted


30for30 Challenge complete!

Everyone wants to see the pictures first, right? Here they are, all 30 glorious challenge outfits for your viewing pleasure. If you care to know what I’ve learned from this ordeal, scroll alllll the way to the bottom and give it a gander. 30for30 Challenge 1-330for30 Challenge: Days 4-630for30 Challenge: Days 7-930for30 Challenge: Days 10-1230for30 challenge: Days 13-15 www.fashiondaylee.com30for30 Challenge: Days 16-18 fashiondaylee.com30for30 Challenge days 19-21 fashiondaylee.com30for30 challenge- Days 22-24 fashiondaylee.com30for30 challenge days 25-27 fashiondaylee.com30for30 challenge Days 28-30 fashiondaylee.comYou made it! Thanks for stopping by and seeing my progress throughout the capsule challenge. Did you learn anything from seeing others participate and document their experiences? Did you participate in your own way with your wardrobe? Here’s what my biggest takeaways were:

  1. 30 items is a whole lot more than it sounds. Yes, I was a little bored by the end. I yearned to grab a few other pieces that I love from my wardrobe, but ultimately, there was a lot of flexibility and a lot of options here.
  2. I have a lot of items that I have not used to their full potential as of yet.
  3. I feel like I have lots of colour in my wardrobe, but it appears I am mistaken. I would like to play around more with bold solid colours.
  4. I found it liberating not staring into the abyss of my closet. I feel as though I may try to do seasonal capsule wardrobes from here on out. I like the minimalist ideals at play with this wardrobe. Less really is more in so many ways.
  5. I learned a lot about posing in this exercise, but not enough about lighting, editing, cropping, and all that jazz. I’m going to make a concerted effort to improve the quality of my shots and the consistency of the lighting.
  6. Posting an outfit every day is really time consuming without the relative simplicity of instagram phone shots. I either need to fork out the cash for a smart phone, or commit to maybe 3 fashion shots a week.

I will probably think of more as time goes on, and as I put these lessons to the test going forward. As it stands, I feel like this was a wonderful foray into a minimal closet. I would consider doing this again for the summer season. Anyone interested?


My lovely companions on this journey:

Team 30for30

Raj  ~ Brooke  ~  Shawna  ~  Farzana  ~  Salma