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Our Mission

We are dedicated to go above and beyond to make your home into what you desire it to be. We don’t believe in taking short cuts. We are a committed and purpose-driven unit. Our goal is to ensure every job is done right!

We focus on all exterior and interior renovations.

More About BTN

While working for  renovations company full time in the day, Pascal started to take side jobs with his own company to make extra money to save up for his home and for his upcoming wedding. Over the years of doing these jobs on the side, his name started to spread thanks to previous clients passing his name on for the great job he had done for them.

He started to get more and more requests for work and was having to turn jobs down because there just wasn’t enough time. Eventually Pascal found out his family would be expanding and with the birth of his son, his wife would be home. This presented an opportunity to have her help with the company and be able to stay home with the baby. Having both Dena and Norm now available to help get the company going, Pascal decided the time was right for him to branch out and continue doing what he loves under his own company name!

Beyond the Norm was a name that came along as a funny play on words. Everyone was coming up with ideas for a good name for a renovations company but nothing seemed to fit just right. Eventually Dena made a joke about Pascal going “Beyond the Norm” since Pascal’s dad’s name is Norm and that name seemed to fit the best!

Our Story

“Beyond The Norm is a devoted family business. My team is comprised of my family and friends, and this inspires us to do meaningful and diligent work.”

Pascal Guenette

Propriétaire, BTN

“How can we be of service to you?”

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